Right to Information Act
Right to Information Act cover

Right to Information Act

1+ Hours

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Instructor: Legal Shots

Language: Hindi, English

Validity Period: 365 days

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We have designed this course for those who wish to learn about the Right to Information (RTI) in the most systematic, simplified and practical way. It does not matter if you are from a non-legal background, whether you are a Student, Professional, Businessman, housewife, etc. as this course is for every common man of this country who wishes to enjoy the fundamental right.

We are confident that after completing this course, you will be able to confidently file the RTI and can get the desired results.

The course has 13 lectures; each close to 15-20 Minutes. Even if you watch 2 lecture every day which is recommended, you will be able to complete the course within one week.  

Illustrative List of topics covered:

What is RTI, How RTI is helpful, How to file offline and online RTI? First appeal and second appeal, RTI to EPFA, ESIC department, Some Important Points and Success Stories, Q&A and many more and Yes, some Practical tips to become expert on the subject.


Why This Course?


The sole purpose of this course is only too aware you legally so that you get the right advice at the right time and you won’t be trapped by any government body. Also just to file a simple RTI you don’t have to spend a lot of money on Advocate. Here, you can learn every small thing about the Right to Information in a simple and short way.


To make it easier for you we made this course in Hinglish language so that you can understand easily and on the very next moment you are ready to file an RTI.


We can guarantee that this course will definitely make you an RTI consultant for others.


Your FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT to see the GOVERNMENT RECORDS. So don’t miss the opportunity.


Note- This course is specially made to give you practical knowledge on RTI so that your most awaited question which you were willing to ask from Government can now be asked.


Useful for?

  • Every common man of this Country who suffers from Zero response from different Government bodies
  • Professionals
  • Any student who wishes to increase knowledge.
  • Public Spirited Citizen
  • Who are aspirant about their legal rights but are not aware.
  • Who suffer delay and zero or unsatisfactory response from Government,
  • Whose file is pending in any government department etc.

Important Points:

  • Device: Watch the lectures on your Android.
  • Validity: Once you buy the course you will be able to watch the course lectures for 1 year. (365 Days)
  • Views: You can watch all the lectures an unlimited number of times until the validity ends.
  • Requirements- Pen and Notepad/Copy
  • Language: Hinglish
  • Syllabus: Course Syllabus
  • For any course-related queries, Whatsapp –

Courses are non-refundable.


Contents of RTI course

  1. What is Right to Information?
  2. From whom you can get the information?
  3. Information that cant be asked under RTI
  4. Rights under RTI
  5. How RTI is helpful?
  6. How to file offline RTI
  7. How to file online RTI
  8. First appeal
  9. Second appeal
  10. RTI to EPFA, ESIC
  11. Success Stories
  12. Important Points
  13. Question and answer
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