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1. Visit academy.labourlawadvisor.in
2. Click on login at top right corner
3. If you already have and account login otherwise click on signup
4. Enter your details and click on signup
5. Click on My Courses tab on the top.
6. Now click on Go To Store button
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Why you should know Payroll Processing?

o Core function for any company
o Initially performed by founder / owner
o As company grow a knowledgeable HR/ consultant can be hired, under supervision of senior management / founder.
o Indian Labor laws are one of the most complex in the world

Who should take this course?

o Owner / Founder / Top Management of company
o HR Manager / Payroll Executive
o Chartered Accountants / Accountants
o HR Students ( Graduate & Post Graduate )
o Labour Laws / Payroll consultants

Who can do Payroll Processing?

o Do you need a degree in HR / accounting / Law to do payroll processing? NO
o A Commerce graduate would be ideal since he/she will be already familiar with numbers and accounting aspects. However, anyone who is systematic and has a strong flair for numbers can take up this role.

Responsibility of Payroll Executive/ Consultant

o Maintain Employee Record
o Joining & Exit formalities
o Attendance
o Additions & Deductions
o Salary Calculation
o Salary Disbursements
o Statutory Compliances
o Audit

Do I have to buy Payroll Software?

o Simply buying a payroll / HR software is not the solution. There are 44 labour laws in India, which also change state to state
o Most software’s leave final decision making on person using the software
o Example 1- You should deduct ESI below 21,000/- but software will allow you to make an exception
o Example 2- This is like a person who does not have any civil engineering knowledge, designs a multi-story building using CAD tool.
o Example 3- You need to be smart to use smartphone in right way.

What’s NOT Covered in this Course?

o In this course we will cover the payroll processing part. But post payroll individual compliances of acts will not be covered. As every single act is vast with log of compliances. Separate course on various acts will be launched post this. This course will act as a base course. Also, the determination of wages part is up to the management. We will just confirm that the decided rate is as per law such as minimum wage & Code on wages.

Who can sign-up for the courses, is there any restriction or age limit?

o Not at all! Labour Law Academy Courses are designed to help everyone learn and grow. But anyone completed the graduation is recommended.

Do you offer Refunds?

o Sorry, our team works really hard to make the courses enriching. We offer constant improvements but not refunds.

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