Maharashtra Labour Welfare Fund cover

Maharashtra Labour Welfare Fund


Instructor: Rishabh Jain

Language: Hindi, English

Validity Period: 365 days

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₹890 including 18% GST

Maharastra Labour Welfare Fund is a state-oriented compliance procedure that is mandatory to be followed. There are very few practitioners who have complete knowledge and updates over the subject. Understanding and learning about this act will give you a glooming opportunity to be a practitioner of this subject. The best part is welfare fund acts are applicable to many states with somewhat similar provisions.

So, demand for the practitioners is way more than the supply. 

Key highlights of this course

Who is your Trainer?
Trainer for this course is Mr. Rishabh Jain. He is an expert labour law consultant with a cliental base of 1000+ companies. He is also a co-founder of Youtube channel Labour Law Advisor which has a following of million-plus subscribers. 

Who should take this course?

  • Compulsory Statutory Compliance.
  • Applicable for Factories-Establishment and all employees.
  • Heavy penalties for small remittance.
  • Now applicable in 16+ states with different State rules.
  • Rules are complex.
  • Language barrier for HRs and Consultants

Who should take this course?

  • Owner / Founder / Top Management of company / Business Leader
  • HR Manager / Payroll Executive 
  • Chartered Accountants / Accountants
  • Labour Laws / Payroll consultants
  • Finance / HR / MBA Students  (Graduate & Post Graduate)


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