Automation of Balance Sheet
Automation of Balance Sheet cover

Automation of Balance Sheet

Learn to make balance sheet/P&L from trail | 2 hours

Instructor: CA Pooja Gupta (CA Guruji)

Language: English, Hindi, English

Validity Period: 90 days

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Excel is a most powerful tool and if you use it in Accounting it works wonders and helps you to save lots of your time. This course helps you in the Automation of balance sheets and Profit & loss on the basis of Trial Balance, using excel. Make sure your Trial Balance should be in excel format.

This course will also help you to match opening and closing balances in 5 minutes.

Also, you can prepare MIS reports, comparative reports, etc. with the help of this course.

You will gain so much knowledge that you can prepare a balance sheet on daily basis just in 5 minutes. 

What will I learn?

Most Useful for:

CA, CS, CWA, MBA, Advocates, Tax Consultants, Tax Professionals, Accountants, Businessmen, Students, Advance Excel  course seekers

  1. Powerful Excel Formulas (Covering Most powerful Excel formula which is not only relevant for automation of balance sheet but also can be used to prepare any kind of report as per user need)
  2. Checking of Trial Balance to identify and correct mistakes if any (within 2 minutes)
  3. Trial Balance arrangements using Excel for Automation
  4. Creation of Masters and Groups
  5. Preparation of Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss automatically with Trial Balance
  6. Complete Automation of Balance Sheet (This Means you can prepare a balance sheet with a click every day, because of automation no need to do any manual work and this saved time can be utilized in other useful activities)
  7. Checking of Opening balance with the Closing Balance before finalization of the Balance sheet is a must, if you do it manually it takes so many hours, but this course gives you tricks to save time in checking of opening balance with closing balances also
  8. You can become a pro in excel.
  9. This will surely improve your excel in a way, that you can get an increment on the job and enhance your practice to the next level.

Who should take this course?

  • CA, CS, CMA, CWA, MBA,
  • Advocates,
  • Tax Consultants, Tax Professionals,
  • Accountants,
  • Businessmen,
  • Students,
  • and every person who wants to learn Automation of Balance Sheets and Profit & Loss with the magic of Excel on the basis of Trial Balance in Excel Format.


About the Instructor
CA Pooja Gupta (CA Guruji) is a member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India since 2009, Qualified ISA and M.Com. She delivers educational videos on Income Tax, GST, Excel, TDS etc. 
She has more than 13 years’ experience in Taxation and specialize in all aspect of GST, Income Tax, VAT, Service Tax, Excise etc.


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