A to Z of Income Tax cover

A to Z of Income Tax

A complete practical course in Income Tax covering ITR Filing, Computation of Income, TDS Return Filing & TDS Computation updated by Finance Act, 2022 | 55+ Hours

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Instructor: CA Vivek Awasthi (FinTaxPro)

Language: Hindi, English

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This comprehensive course in  Income Tax & TDS by FinTaxPro is designed to upgrade the practical skills of learners in area of direct . We have used the real data of our clients to provide a real time experience. Course is updated by Finance Act 2022 and relevant notification upto date. Further all upcoming updates will also cover in course to ensure lifetime learning for learners.This Course in ITR & TDS contains a complete & detailed analysis with practical examples. All the relevant amendments up to Finance Act 2021 are covered in this course. The student will also get the detailed Study Notes, Charts & Excel computation sheet for easy understanding.

ITR Course Content

  1. Basic Concepts of Income Tax
    • Overview of Income Tax & Direct Tax
    • Important definitions
    • Finance Act 2021 Analysis
    • Previous Year and Assessment Year
    • Charge of Income Tax
    • Types of Assessee
    • Rate of Tax for different assessee
    • Surcharge, Health & education cess
    • Gross Total Income & Total Income
    • Rebate of (Sec 87A)
  2. Residential Status
    • Basis Conditions for Resident
    • Additional Condition for Resident and Ordinary Resident
    • Non Resident and Resident but not ordinary resident
    • Deemed Resident
    • Scope of Total Income
  3. Income under the head Salary
    • Basis of Charge (Sec 15)
    • Different type of allowances
    • HRA Calculation [Sec 10(13A)]
    • Calculation of Salary in Arrear
    • Calculation of Pension
    • Calculation of Gratuity
    • Calculation of Leave Encashment
    • Calculation of Provident Fund as updated by FA 2021
    • Overview of Forms related to Salary
      • Form 10E Filing - Arrear of Salary
      • Overview of Form 24Q -TDS Return for Salary
      • Form 16 - TDS Statement
      • Form 12B - Details of income from previous employer
      • Form 12BA - Statement of perquisites
      • Form 12BB - Particulars of deduction claims by employee
    • Valuation of perquisites
      • Valuation of Rent Free Accommodation (RFA)
      • Valuation of Motor Car Facility
    • ITR Filing by Pensioners as updated by FA 2021
  4. Income under the head House Property
    • Chargeability (Sec 22)
    • Condition of Chargeability
    • Composite Rent
    • Deemed Let out Property
    • Determination of Annual Value (Sec 23)
    • Deduction from Annual Value (Sec 24)
      • Standard Deduction
      • Interest on Loan
    • Unrealized rent treatment
    • Deemed ownership
  5. Income under the head Business & Profession
    • Chargeability (Sec 28)
    • Method of Accounting
    • Income computation & disclosing standards (ICDS)
    • Speculative Business & Specified Business
    • Calculation of Depreciation
    • Admissible Deduction (Sec 30 to 37)
    • Inadmissible deduction (Sec 40)
    • Maintenance of Accounts (Sec 40AA)
    • Audit of Accounts (Sec 44AB)
    • Presumptive Taxation (Sec 44AD, 44ADA, 44AE)
  6. Income the head Capital Gain
    • Capital Asset
    • Period of Holding
    • Short Term & Long Term capital gain
    • Transfer [Sec 2(47)]
    • Scope & Chargeability (Sec 45)
    • Capital Gain on assets distribution by companies in liquidation (Sec 46)
    • Capital Gain on buy back of shares (Sec 47A)
    • Mode of computation of Capital Gains (Sec 48)
    • Ascertainment of Cost in special circumstances (Sec 49)
    • Cost of acquisition (Sec 55)
    • Cost of improvement  (Sec 55)
    • Capital Gain on depreciable asset (Sec 50)
    • Capital Gain on Slump Sale (Sec 50B)
    • Deemed Full value consideration
    • Advance money receive
    • Exemption of capital gain
    • Reference to valuation officer
    • Tax on STCG on equity or equity oriented mutual fund (Sec 111A)
    • Tax on LTCH on equity or equity oriented mutual fund (Sec 112A)
    • Tax on Long term capital gain (Sec 112)
  7. Income under the head other sources
    • Chargeability (Sec 56)
    • Tax rate on casual income (Sec 115BB)
    • Deduction allowed (Sec 57)
    • Deduction not allow (Sec 58)
    • Deemed income chargeable to tax (Sec 59)
    • Method of Accounting (Sec 145)
  8. Aggregation of income, Set off & Carry forward of Losses
    • Aggregation of Income
    • Concept of set off & carry forward of losses
    • Inter source adjustment (Sec 70)
    • Inter head adjustment (Sec 71)
    • Carry forward and set off loss from house property (sec 71B)
    • Carry forward and set off Business loss (Sec 72)
    • Loss in speculative business (Sec 73)
    • Carry forward & set off of losses of specified business (Sec 73A)
    • Losses under the head Capital Gain (Sec 74)
    • Order of set off of Losses
    • Submission of return of loss (Sec 80)
  9. Deduction from Gross Total Income
    • General provisions
    • Deduction in respect of payment
    • Deduction in respect of certain income
    • Deduction in respect of other income
  10. Tax planning, Tax Evasion & Tax Avoidance
    • Tax Planning, Tax evasion & Tax avoidance
    • Tax planning in respect of Salary income
    • Tax planning in respect of business
    • General Anti-avoidance Rules
  11. Restriction on Cash Transactions by Income Tax Department
    • Understand Disallowance of Cash Expenditure under Section 40A
    • Understand sec 194N, TDS on cash withdrawal from Bank
    • Learn about the SFT Significant Financial Transactions/High-Value Transactions
    • Understand the section 285BA along with Rule 114E for High-Value Transactions
  12. Practical Session on New Income Tax Portal
    • Overview of New Income Tax Portal
    • How to register on Income Tax Portal
    • How to reset password
    • Overview of Form 26AS
    • Overview of Annual Information Statement (AIS)
    • How to give feedback in AIS
    • Overview of TIS
    • Interlinkage between AIS, TIS & ITR
  13. Practical Session on ITR 1 Filing
    • Eligibility to file ITR 1
    • Documents need to file ITR 1
    • Overview of ITR 1 Form
    • Excel Computation for ITR 1
    • Online ITR 1 Filing
  14.  Practical Session on ITR 2 Filing
    • Eligibility to file ITR 2
    • Documents need to File ITR 2
    • Excel computation of ITR 2
    • ITR 2 Filing with offline utility
    • Preparing JSON & uploading on protal
  15. Practical Session on ITR 3 Filing
    • Finalizing Balance sheet & PnL for ITR Filing
    • Computing income under the head PGBP
    • Computation of Depreciation schedule
    • Reconcile Form 26AS, AIS & Books
    • Computing income under the head Capital Gain.
    • Computation of Tax Payable
    • How to prepare challan for self assessment tax.
    • ITR 3 Filing with offline utility
    • Preparing JSON & uploading on portal
  16. Practical Session on ITR 4 Filing
    • Eligibility to file ITR 4
    • Presumptive Taxation
    • Online ITR 4 Filing

TDS Course Content

  1. Intro to TDS
  2. Sec 192 TDS on Salary Computation
  3. Sec 194C TDS on Contract
  4. Sec 194D TDS on insurance commission
  5. Sec 194H TDS on commission and Brokerage
  6. Sec 194I TDS on Rent
  7. Sec 194J TDS on Professional & Technical Services
  8. Sec 194O TDS on E comm transactions
  9. Sec 194Q TDS on Purchase of Goods (by FA 2021)
  10. Sec 206AB Higher Rate of TDS from 1 July 2021
  11. Sec 206C(1H) TCS on Sales of Goods
  12. Sec 206C(1H) Practical FAQ
  13. Practical session on Form 24Q - Salary TDS Return
  14. Practical Session on Form 26Q - Other than Salary TDS Return
  15. Practical Session on Form 27EQ - TCS Return sale of Goods

(Please Note- We regularly update Course in GST ITR & TDS with the latest notification and amendments  by CBIC and CBDT)


What Student will learn from this course?

  • Learn the Practical Aspects of Income Tax
  • Learn to Compute Total Income & Total Tax in Excel
  • Understand the Tax Rates (Slab Rates)
  • Learn to File Income Tax Return 1 (SAHAJ)
  • Learn to File Income Tax Return 2
  • Learn to File Income Tax Return 3
  • Learn to File Income Tax Return 4 (SUGAM)
  • Learn to File Income Tax Return 5
  • Understand the relevant Amendment by Finance Act 2021
  • Learn the Tax Planning of Income Tax
  • Updated by Budget 2021


Course Requirement & prerequisites?

  • Learner must be able to understand Hindi


Who can Join this Course/ Target Students?

  • Tax Consultants wants to increase their scope of practice in Direct Taxation
  • Accountant want to Learn ITR Filing
  • Commerce Graduate curious to learn income tax practically
  • Commerce Students want to learn practical aspect income tax
  • Law students curious to learn Income Tax Practically
  • Students of CA/CS/CMA want to understand the practical approach of Income Tax
  • Practicing CA/CS/CMA want to expend their professional skills in Direct Taxation
  • Advocates want to expand their practice in Direct Taxation

About the instructor

Vivek Awasthi is partner in Fintaxpro Advisory LLP handle direct and indirect taxation. Here is a brief intro from his desk

“Professionally I am an Income Tax & GST consultant having experience of more than 5 years in field of taxation, handling GST & Income Tax compliance along with giving online practical sessions and webinar to students and professionals. By our courses student continue to learn & expanded their perspective & sharpened their skills in Indirect Taxation.”

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